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Zapper is Leveling Up⚡

May 27, 2021

If you are reading this you have likely been sucked into the Zapperverse. We here at Zapper are always looking for ways to make using DeFi not only easy but fun as well. As a result, we are now starting to gamify the DeFi experience with our Leveling Up update which allows you to gain experience for doing different tasks on Zapper and earn special NFT prizes.

We have created a tutorial on how to claim both experience and NFTs on Zapper which can be found here.

Rewards 🏆

We want to sweeten the experience by allowing users to earn and claim their very own Zapper NFTs. The NFTs below are a part of our Season 1 collection and are only able to be earned before July 26th 2021 00:00 GMT. Zapper NFTs can be claimed at any time once your address has earned enough experience and has reached a specific level as long as you were a high enough level before the expiry date.

Season 1 Zapper NFTs

Quests ⚔️

Quests are tasks that users can complete to earn experience and level up their address. No transaction is required to claim your experience. Claiming experience only requires an off-chain signature. However, some quests might involve submitting a transaction (on either L1 or L2) to complete.

The possibilities are endless for the different types of quests that can be created, some of which might feature teaming up with some of your favorite DeFi protocols. Initially, there will be two main different types of quests.

• Daily Quests: Every day you can check-in for the daily quest such as viewing your Zapper dashboard to claim your experience for the quest.

• Weekly Quests: Every week you can earn extra experience. The weekly quests will give more experience, but will likely require a transaction to be submitted on Zapper (on either Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC) to complete the quest. However, claiming experience only requires an off-chain signature.

Experience ⚗️

Every address will start at level 1, even though a user might have multiple addresses, each address will have its own level. Experience is earned through completing different Zapper quests. In addition, there are streak bonuses that increase your experience earned if you complete a task consecutive days or weeks in a row.

Moving Forward 🚀

This is a way for us at Zapper to reward our most active and loyal community members. This is just the first step of many in bringing DeFi to the mainstream. Expect to see different types of rewards in the future, like exclusive merchandise, additional NFTs, and potentially more!

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