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How to Use Zapper’s Mobile App

April 26, 2022

The Zapper iOS mobile app was launched last week and we are very excited to share it with you! If you haven’t already, here is the link to go download the app. This article will introduce you to the app, its main features, and show you how to navigate it.

Setting Up Your App

Import your Zapper Web Wallet to the Mobile App

If you already have all of your wallets connected to the Zapper dashboard, you can easily import them (along with bundles and watched wallets in your address book!) directly to the mobile app!

To do this, the first time you open the app, click “Import from Zapper” on the welcome page. You can then follow the instructions to go to zapper.fi on the web and scan a QR code. The code can be found in the dropdown menu labeled “Sync Mobile App”

Once you make this selection, you will be prompted to give the web app access to your phone camera so you can scan the web-generated QR code with your phone.

Add Wallets without Importing from Web

If you would rather not import all your wallets from the web app, you can simply add selected wallets manually. In the onboarding screen, tap the “Get Started” button and enter a valid address or ENS domain.

Tap on “Save” and you will be now redirected to the Homepage, where you can see all the relevant information about your wallet! You can always add more wallets whenever you’d like. Simply tap on the wallet selector on the top left corner and add as many wallets as you want!

Version 1.0 of the Mobile App is Read-Only

An important thing to note as you start exploring the Zapper mobile app is that at the moment, the app is read-only. This means that your wallets are not “connected” on the Mobile App, and you cannot perform any transactional features.

Don’t worry, though! The app has a lot of useful and flexible features, which we will explore in this article.

What Can I Do with Zapper’s Mobile App?

View a Summary of Your Assets on Homepage

The app’s homepage offers an at-a-glance view of your net worth and key details including token watchlists and your NFTs.

The token watchlist is customizable. The default view shows “ETH” and “WBTC” in your watchlist, but you can create your own list of cryptocurrencies to follow and track prices. 

To add more tokens, you can tap on “View All” and then “+” in the top-right corner of the homepage. Simply use the search bar to find a token you would like to add and “heart” it (❤️) in order to add it to the Token Watchlist.

We are working towards enhanced customization features which will allow you to create your own homepage view by selecting the widgets that are important to you and removing information that is less interesting to you.

Track your Portfolio

The in-app portfolio tracker shows a detailed breakdown of your wallet, from NFTs you hold to claimable tokens, debt, and your assets across different protocols and networks. You can view your assets categorized by Apps or by Networks.

From your portfolio, simply tap on “NFTs” to view the collections you have. By selecting a specific collection, you can get quick access to useful links like the collection’s website, their OpenSea page, or their community channels like Twitter and Discord.

From this view, you can see all kinds of information about your NFT collection. Our NFT showcase allows you to view and flaunt the individual NFTs you own, and keep track of relevant stats on a particular collection.

Explore web3 wallets and tokens

The app’s search function enables you to look up and examine an overview of any wallet address or ENS domain. Our token pages offer detailed information about 3000+ tokens across 11 networks.

In forthcoming updates, we plan to enhance this search feature with Zapper-native data about trending protocols, pools, tokens, and NFTs.

Watch your Frens’ Wallets

The whale (and fish!) -watching feature displays your address book of watched wallets, along with wallet bundles you have created. To view, edit, rename, and delete items in your address book, tap “Address Book” in the navigation bar. You can add as many watched wallets as you want to your address book and then navigate to see each wallet’s portfolio simply by selecting the desired wallet.

You can also create “bundles” of wallets from your address book. With the Wallet Bundles feature, you can group multiple wallets together by theme or area of interest and track them all at the same time. 

To bundle wallets and view the activity of your bundled wallets, tap on the “Address Book” icon in the homepage navigation bar and then tap “Add” next to Bundles.

You will be able to see a list of suggested wallets that are already in your wallet selector. If you want to add a wallet that is NOT in the list, return to the “Address Book” and add a wallet in the “Watched Wallets” section.

Once this is completed, you can now select the bundle you would like to view in order to monitor activity in that bundle.

Have Fun Exploring Zapper’s Mobile App!

There is even more information on how to navigate our app in our Help Center section for Mobile. You can read more details about the app launch in the Official Mobile App announcement here.

If you are enjoying the Zapper Mobile App, or have feedback on a feature that you want us to hear, it would be very helpful if you were to rate & review the app in The App Store! Ratings & reviews help other people find our app. They also encourage our team to continue what we are doing well, and to reimagine what needs improvement.

Get started with Zapper mobile!
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