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How to Claim Your XP and NFTs on Zapper

June 2, 2021

We recently released our Leveling Up update which allows Zapper users to complete special quests, earn experience (XP), and claim Zapper NFTs. In this tutorial, we will go over how to claim both experience and NFTs on Zapper.

Claiming Experience (XP)

Before going to claim your experience, please make sure that you have connected your wallet to Zapper. Once your wallet is connected, you can then click Quests under your address on the left-hand side.

Then when you click Claim you will be prompted by a wallet pop-up. Claiming experience doesn't require submitting a transaction to the blockchain, but will require that you sign with your wallet to prove that you own the address.

Once you have confirmed the signature you will be presented with the amount of experience you have claimed. In this case, 100 XP was claimed for the Open Zapper Quest.

Transaction Quests and Claiming Experience

Some quests require an on-chain transaction be made before it can be completed and the experience can be claimed. For example, the Add/Remove Liquidity Quest requires that a user either add or remove liquidity on Zapper.

Note that these quests can be completed on either Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC.

Since this address hasn't submitted an on-chain transaction to Add/Remove Liquidity, the claim button is grayed out. The pool page will show you all the different liquidity options.

Liquidity Options on the Pool Page

Let's say that I want to add liquidity into the Curve 3Pool and use some ETH to provide liquidity.

After completing this transaction, the Add/Remove Liquidity Quest claim button is now active.

I can now go and claim the 750 XP for the Add/Remove Liquidity Quest by signing with my wallet.

Claiming NFTs

Before you are ready to claim your NFT, please make sure that you are connected to the Ethereum network. Each NFT requires that you have reached a specific level in order to mint. The Zapper Pill is the first NFT that can be claimed and requires that your address be at least level 2. You can claim your NFTs on the Zapper Rewards page.

The Can Claim notice on the NFT means your address is eligible to claim that NFT. In addition, each NFT can only be minted once per address. If you click on the Zapper Pill it will pop up the claim option. You will need to sign with your wallet and then submit a transaction to mint the NFT. Please note that minting the NFT will require that you have ETH in your wallet to submit the transaction.

This series of NFTs is our Season 1 collection and is only able to be earned for the next 2 months. Zapper NFTs can be minted at any time once your address has earned enough experience and has reached a specific level as long as you were a high enough level before the 2 months ends. Expect to see different types of rewards in the future, like exclusive merchandise, additional NFTs, and much more!

Claim your XP and NFTs on Zapper
You're just a couple clicks away from owning a Zapper NFT

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